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Raise your hand if any of this sounds familiar:

πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈYou want to raise your web design rates, but you DON'T want to have to create really complex websites in order to charge more.

πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈYour projects are disorganized and stressful. In fact, you're really starting to hate client work.

πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈYour clients are annoying, constantly asking the same questions over and over.

πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈYour clients are constantly late giving you what you need or providing feedback. That means your projects drag on WAY longer than you planned.

πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈYou're not sure what to do, but you're READY to raise your rates and work with better clients. It's time to make a change, and you're ready to do it.

You're in the right spot to raise your rates.

(without making more complex websites!)

Imagine what it would feel like to charge more for the websites you're already making.

🍞 You're making enough money to pay your bills--and then some! Without adding complicated tech to your website builds.

🍞 Your projects are stress-free and organized.

🍞 You AND your clients know exactly what needs to happen and when, and annoying repeat questions are a thing of the past.

🍞 Your clients get you what you need on time, every time. So your projects no longer drag on forever.

🍞 You're confident in your business. And that confidence rubs off on everything you do.

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This is all possible when you create a luxury client experience with a smooth and streamlined process.

Think about it:

What's the difference between a cheap hotel and a luxury hotel?

The experience.

And the price!

Just like hotel-goers are willing to pay more for an incredible hotel stay, web design clients are willing to pay more for a smooth and enjoyable web design process.

That means you don't have to create more complex websites in order to raise your rates, you can charge more simply by creating a better client experience.

That's exactly what the Profitable Process Pack helps you do!

Introducing your new best friend in copy + paste template form...

The Profitable Process Pack

a computer mockup of the Profitable Process Pack

Get ALL of the copy + paste templates you need to create a high-end client experience in as little as an afternoon.

The Profitable Process Pack is your streamlined business in a box.

PPP has everything you need to organize your projects and guide clients through the process, reducing stress, questions, and even revisions.

That means you can create a luxury client experience that your clients are willing to pay more for!

ALL the templates you need, together in ONE place.

No piecing together random templates with conflicting and confusing processes. No templates made to look pretty but lacking substance.

PPP is made to work together because these are the actual templates I use in my six-figure web design business.

You get the entire, proven system.

Check out all the templates you're getting!

Profitable Process Checklist

Keep your projects running smoothly and create an incredible client experience by following the checklist!

Client Communication Scripts

To make communicating with your clients easy, use the client communication templates for each phase of the project. (No more wondering what to say!)

Inquiry Form Template

Ask the RIGHT questions with my inquiry form template so that you know if a potential client is the right fit (or not) without any back and forth.

Autoresponder Template

Use the autoresponder template to help your potential clients between when they reach out and when you respond.

Intro Packet Template

Use the Intro Packet template (it's the original!) to set the right expectations with your potential clients before you even hop on a call.

Discovery Call Script

Use the discovery call script to conduct a discovery call with your potential client and ask the in-depth questions you need to know to be sure you can reach the website’s goals.

Proposal Template

Create a proposal quickly and easily, outlining the exact details of the client’s project. This is my exact proposal template with a 90% acceptance rate in my business!

Contract Resources

I'm not a lawyer, so I won't write a contract for you. But I WILL hook you up with my favorite contract resources!

Welcome Packet Template

Once everything is legal, use the Welcome Packet template to outline the nitty-gritty project details they need to know.

Login Information

Collect the website login information you need from your clients, quickly and easily!

Website Strategy Questionnaire

Craft a strategic website that reaches your client's goals by helping your client get clear on what you're going to accomplish together.

Website Content Guide

Get website content from your client without feeling like you're pulling teeth! This website content guide walks your client through each website page and gives them prompts to create effective copy and supply you with appropriate images.

Website Strategy Call Script

Conduct an effective strategy call with your client to ensure you're building the most effective website possible.

Website Strategy Checklist

Double-check that you have all the info you need to create a strategic website with this checklist.

Presentation Script

Present your work in the best way possible by walking your client through your design choices. This script will help you explain your decisions and reduce revision requests.

Client Feedback Guides

To get USEFUL feedback from your clients, use the client feedback templates (one for the home page and one for the rest of the website) to guide your clients through the feedback process.

Website Testing Checklist

Completing the website testing checklist ensures the website is ready to go live.

Goodbye Packet Template

At the end of the project, don’t leave your client hanging. Use the Goodbye Packet template to outline everything they need to know and their next steps.

Feedback/Testimonial Template

Get AMAZING testimonials and case studies from your clients by using the feedback/testimonial questionnaire template.

Client Gifts

End your web design project on the best note by sending your client a thank-you gift.

Use your templates in ANY software.

You can copy + paste these Google Doc templates into ANY software you want to use. HoneyBook, Dubsado, InDesign, Canva, literally whatever you want!

Because they are Google Docs, you are not limited to using software you don't want to use. You can adapt your templates to any format with a simple copy+paste.

Erin Flynn, with her hair looking great!

Who the heck am I?

Hey, I'm Erin, and I'm the founder of Design Bread. I’ve been where you are.

Once upon a time, I was an overwhelmed creative business owner like you. My computer went with me everywhere. I checked emails a million times a day. I was doing ALL THE THINGS. And it wasn't very profitable.

Until I streamlined and systematized my business.

By getting amazing systems in place, I was able to reduce my workload, impress my clients, and cut my work hours in half. All while making more money, because I was delivering a better experience to my clients.

Now, I help creatives (like you!) build successful, profitable, and sustainable businesses by streamlining and systematizing their work.

I want to help you too, and I've created The Profitable Process Pack to do just that.

Create an Incredible Client Experience

Systematize your business TODAY.

CHARGE MORE because you're delivering a better experience.

Shave HOURS off your work each week.

Spend more time doing what you LOVE.

You can create a luxury client experience, even if you're busy!

I don't have time for a course!

As a busy mom and business owner, I feel ya! That's why I've designed PPP to be easy to implement without having to watch a single thing!

PPP is designed so that you can copy and paste the templates into your own business in as little as an afternoon, and start reaping the rewards on your very next inquiry.

Investing an afternoon to copy +paste your client process into your systems create an incredible experience for your clients, allowing you to charge more for the same websites you're already making.

PLUS, you'll save you HOURS each week and reduce your admin time significantly.

More money and less time? Yes please!

I've bought templates before, how is PPP different?

Unlike all those template shops out there, everything in PPP has been used in real businesses. Thousands of them!

These aren't pretty templates sold for the sake of being pretty.

These are text-based templates, strategically written and tested over 10+ years in thousands of service-based businesses.

And with PPP, you get the ENTIRE template suite. Meaning, these templates work together in a cohesive way to streamline your projects and manage your clients.

Pretty templates are nice. PPP templates are effective.

Let's recap!

Profitable Process Pack on an iPad

Here's what you'll do in as little as an afternoon:

πŸš€ Create an incredible experience for your clients that turns them into raving fans and referral machines.

πŸš€ Streamline, systematize, and automate your client screening, onboarding, project management, and client offboarding.

πŸš€ Cut hours off your admin work, freeing up time that you can spend on billable work or out of the office.

πŸš€ Weed out bad clients before they ever get on a call with you, and get great clients prepped for working with you.

πŸš€Raise your rates by offering a luxury client experience.

Here's what you'll get in the Profitable Process Pack:

πŸ›Έ Copy and paste templates for everything so that you never wonder what to say and can create your luxury client experience quickly ($1,000 value)

πŸ›Έ An AMAZING experience for your clients, which means you can charge more for the same services you're currently offering. ($at least $200 per project!)

πŸ›Έ Clarity and confidence that your projects are organized and your clients are taken care of ($priceless)

πŸ›Έ Clients who LOVE working with you, keep coming back for more work, and send others your way. ($priceless)

πŸ›Έ HOURS shaved off your admin work, each week!($priceless)

Pages from the Profitable Process Pack

Total value: $1,200+

Get the templates for just $197!

You're ready to join if...

βœ… You're a web designer--these templates are specific to running a web design business

βœ… You want to raise your rates by creating an incredible, luxurious experience for your clients

βœ… You want to WOW your clients and turn them into raving fans and referrals

βœ… You're spending way too much time wrangling your clients and managing your projects

βœ… You're willing to put in the time to systematize your business

βœ… You're ready to start implementing systems and boundaries with your clients

βœ… You've got better things to do than send 5,000 back and forth emails just to get what you need from your clients

You're NOT ready to join if...

βœ–οΈ You're not a web designer

βœ–οΈ You don't want to charge more than you already are

βœ–οΈ You don't care about impressing your clients

βœ–οΈ Your projects always run on schedule and your clients always get you what you need on time

βœ–οΈ You can't make the time to implement the templates

βœ–οΈ You're not willing to implement systems and boundaries in your business

βœ–οΈ You like being disorganized and don't want to change

Feeling like PPP is for you?

Then let's get started!


What format are the templates?

All of the templates are Google Docs, meaning you can edit as needed and then copy and paste into whatever software you use in your web design business.

Is the Profitable Process Pack for me?

PPP is for exclusively for web designers. If you're not a web designer, you can still get the templates and tweak them to fit your business, but PPP is designed specifically for web designers who want to raise their rates.

I'm new in business, should I get the templates?

Yes! Getting your client experience set up BEFORE you're overwhelmed with client work is ideal. If you're brand new, or have had just a few clients, PPP is perfect for you!

I've been in business for a while, do I need PPP?

Maybe. If your projects are all running smoothly and you're happy with the prices you're charging, then you don't need PPP. If your projects are dragging out, then PPP can help you rework your existing systems and get your projects back on track while raising your rates!

I don't have time for a course!

There's no course here! PPP is a template bundle designed to be implemented right away--no course needed!

Do I need to use special software?

PPP is designed to work with WHATEVER software you want to use. That said, you will want both client management software (like Dubsado, 17Hats, or Honeybook) and project management software (like Freedcamp, Asana, or ClickUp). What you use is up to you, and there are many free options available!

Why should I learn from you?

I've been a professional web designer for over 11+ years, and have used all of these client systems in my own business. I'm the original inventor of the Intro Packet, and I've now taught over 15,000 students and spoken at dozens of conferences on how to systematize service-based businesses, impress your clients, and raise your rates.

What makes PPP different?

These aren't pretty templates made by someone for the sake of selling templates. All of the templates in PPP have been used and refined by me over the 11+ years that I've run my web design agency. These templates work.

How long do I have access to the templates?

How does unlimited access sound? After enrolling, you have the ability to copy the templates into your own Google Drive and get unlimited access to this templates for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

What if I am unhappy with the templates?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 14 days and we will give you a full refund.

It's time to raise your rates.

Buy the templates below and create your luxury client experience TODAY.

a mockup of the templates you get in the Profitable Process Pack
When you join now you'll get INSTANT access to the entire suite of templates.

You'll be able to start using the templates and implementing right away. You can be copy+pasting your templates in less than 2 minutes from now!

So what are you waiting for?

What others are saying...

"After having an incredibly slow first quarter, I did Erin's Intro packet. Since then I have signed 7 clients in a row. Don't think that is a coincidence! Thank you Erin!!!"

β€” Vernita Kruger

"Erin's templates have completely changed my business! The Intro Packet alone has impressed my potential clients so much! These templates will elevate your business and allow you to grow your business while spending less time on admin work!"

β€” Amy Riordan

"I just wanted to say thank you for making the welcome packet template. You don't even understand how much it has been a help for someone whose mind runs a thousand miles a minute!Β 

So grateful. You're a time and lifesaver.Β "

β€” Tiara Harper

"Big Thank You @erin3flynn . Sent out my 1st Intro Packet and landed my dream client! Huge gratitude!"

β€” Bambi Woods

Your Next Steps...

🍞 Checkout by hitting the link below

🍞 Copy and paste the templates into your software of choice

🍞 Enjoy your organized and stress-free projects

🍞 Impress your clients

🍞 Raise your rates!

Get the Profitable Process Pack Now!

For less than one trip to Target "for toilet paper," you can get all the templates you need to create a luxury client experience that you can charge premium prices for.

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